PDF417 ActiveX FAQs


What image formats can barcode be saved in?
Can your PDF417-ActiveX controls be used in scripting languages (VB Script, Java Script)?
Are your controls compatible with .NET, and how should they be used in the .NET environment?
Is it possible to encode binary data with your PDF417 barcodes?
Why do I get some other information while scanning and not the information I encoded with your PDF417 control?
Your PDF417 barcode ActiveX control accepts a string as the barcode value (PDF417Ctrl.DataToEncode). But our original barcode value is presented by an array of bytes. How should I convert our bytes' array into to the corresponding string if I want to use your component?

Internet and Web Pages Barcode FAQ

How to get PDF417 barcodes over the Internet?
What browsers can show web pages with barcodes?
I use your PDF417 ActiveX on the client side (in MS Internet Explorer). But I cannot make X-dimension equal to 0.6 mm. How can I solve this problem?
I use your PDF417 bar code control in ASP code. I would like to know if it is possible to save an image to the disk, for instance, as pdf417.gif?

Using Bar code ActiveX in MS Office Automation.

How to create a Word document and insert a PDF417 barcode into it?
Is there any way to use a PDF417 ActiveX in Word with a mail merge field and how would this be done?

Using PDF417 barcode ActiveX in OpenOffice

How to add PDF417 barcode to

Programming FAQ

How to create an invisible PDF417 ActiveX in Visual Basic?
How to print a PDF417 barcode from Visual Basic?


What is a PDF417 X-dimension?