Linear Barcode ISAPI Extension

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Barcode ISAPI parameters
Our barcode ISAPI generators understand both GET and POST requests.

Parameter Name Description Corresponding property of Barcode-ActiveX Default value
w Bar code picture width.
h Barcode picture height.
xdim Barcode X-Dimension. This parameter makes sense only if the w parameter (for 0 degree orientation) are not used. 2
data Sets the data that is to be encoded in the Barcode. BarText 1234567
btype Barcode Type.
Possible values: 0...21
BarType 7
angle Orientation of the bar code.
Possible values: 0, 90, 180, 270
Orientation 0
quiet Show quiet zones.
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowQuietZone 1
balign Barcode alignment.
Possible values: 0...2
BarAlign 2
talign Text alignment.
Possible values: 0...5
TextAlign 0
bcolor Background color.
Possible values: 000000...ffffff
The color must be presented as RGB, i.e. you should specify the value ff0000 for the red color.
BackColor ffffff (white)
fcolor Foreground color.
Possible values: 000000...ffffff
ForeColor 000000 (black)
tcolor Text color.
Possible values: 000000...ffffff
TextColor 000000 (black)
guard Show guard lines for EAN(UPC) bar codes.
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowGuard 1
text Show barcode human readable text.
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowText 1
tdown Place the text above or below.
Possible values: 0(above) or 1(below)
TextBottomTop 1
stst Show start/stop digits (if barcode have it).
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowStSt 0
schk Show check digit (if barcode have it).
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowCheck 1
cchk calculate an optional check digit or not.
Possible values: 0(no) or 1(yes)
CalcCheck 1
ntxt Convert nonprinting chars to text.
Possible values: 0(no) or 1(yes)
NonPrintingToTxt 1
c128 Code-128 charset.
Possible values: 0...3
Code128CharSet 0
fh Font height. 14
bred Barcode width reduction.
Possible values: -99...99
BarWidthReduction 0
w2n Wide to narrow ratio.
Possible values: 2...4
Wide2NarrowRatio 2.5
img Specifies the image format extension ('jpeg', 'gif', png, etc). gif
help Displays information about our Barcode ISAPI generator.
debug Displays information about the error.