PDF417 in IIS, ASP

How to use PDF417 Barcode ActiveX on an IIS server

Install PDF417 Barcode ActiveX on the server. Make sure that the file PDF417ActiveX.dll has the READ+EXECUTE permissions for the user IUSR_XXXXX (or for the user who will use PDF417 Barcode ActiveX).

Copy the file "..\Program Files\RKD\PDF417Ax\IIS\pdf417.asp" to the folder IIS has access to. For example, to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\".

Now you can test the functioning of PDF417 BarCode ActiveX. To do it, enter the following line into the IE address bar:
http://localhost/pdf417.asp(this address may vary depending on your configuration of IIS and on the location of the file pdf417.asp)
You should have a barcode with default parameters displayed on the screen.
To customize the barcode, you can specify the parameters in the following way for example:

As a result, you will get approximately the following barcode.

ISS(Internet Information Server) and PDF417 Barcode ActiveX

See more details about the parameters you can specify in the file pdf417.asp.

If you need to put some other elements together with the barcode in HTML, you should use the IMG tag. To do it, create an HTML page and insert the IMG tag into it in the following way, for example:
<IMG src="http://localhost/pdf417.asp?data=0749471027&width=260&height=70" width=260 height=70 alt="">
Besides, you can insert any other HTML tags into this page as well.

ISS and PDF417 Barcode ActiveX

All the abovementioned files are included in the installation package.

If you use PDF417 Barcode ActiveX like this, you do not have to install anything on the client PC. And such a barcode can be displayed in any Internet browser.

The features described on this page require a Server License.