Data Source

Data Source

Data source enables you to specify the object properties automatically. It is a very powerful tool and being used properly gives good results. You can link a data source to any label object. The data source is not necessarily the database, there are also two additional data source types: "Series" and "Stamp". You should keep in mind that data sources for different objects are independent, e.g., barcode can be linked to the "BarcodeItems" table, and another object to the "ItemDescr" table or to the "Series" data source.

You can go to a new data source record only after printing every label. But there is one little exception to the rule. The exception concerns the case when the "Number" property of the "Label" object has the value more than 1, this property can be also linked to a data source. So, you can dynamically set the number of labels copies for printing.

To understand how it works let's illustrate it with an example. Let’s create a simple label with two objects in it: "Barcode" and "Text".

barcode is active object

Let’s link all the objects (label, barcode, text) to the database table the example of which you can see below.

Item 1 20 4900001100012
Item 2 2 4900001100029
Item 3 23 4900001100036

Let’s link the BarText property of the "Barcode" object to the field BARCODE, the Text property of the "Text" object to the field TITLE and the Number property of the label object to the field NUMBER. Then you will be able to print the number of labels shown in the table below.

20 items
2 items
23 items

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