Objects List

Objects list

When you create an object it automatically gets into the objects list. With the help of this list you can perform a number of important actions.

barcode label list

Using this list you can set the order of drawing the objects on the label. The lower object in the list will be drawn after the previous one in the list. To change the position of the object in the list you should drag the object to the necessary position. If you look at the picture below you can see that the object "Text" covers the barcode, i.e. it is situated in the "Objects list" below the barcode.


If you change the positions of these objects in the list you will get the following


If you set the "Transparent" property to the object the position of the object in the list is of no importance, see below


If you double click the object in the list this object will be selected on the label. It can be useful when the object "gets lost” from the label field while some actions are being performed. In this case you can select the object and change its coordinates or some other properties as well as delete the object.

If you right click the "Objects list" the popup menu will appear.