Linear Barcode CGI Application

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Barcode CGI parameters
Our barcode CGI generators understand both GET and POST requests.

Parameter Name Description Corresponding property of Barcode-ActiveX Default value
w Bar code picture width.
h Barcode picture height.
xdim Barcode X-Dimension. This parameter makes sense only if the w parameter (for 0 degree orientation) are not used. 2
data Sets the data that is to be encoded in the Barcode. BarText 1234567
btype Barcode Type.
Possible values: 0...21
BarType 7
angle Orientation of the bar code.
Possible values: 0, 90, 180, 270
Orientation 0
quiet Show quiet zones.
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowQuietZone 1
balign Barcode alignment.
Possible values: 0...2
BarAlign 2
talign Text alignment.
Possible values: 0...5
TextAlign 0
bcolor Background color.
Possible values: 000000...ffffff
The color must be presented as RGB, i.e. you should specify the value ff0000 for the red color.
BackColor ffffff (white)
fcolor Foreground color.
Possible values: 000000...ffffff
ForeColor 000000 (black)
tcolor Text color.
Possible values: 000000...ffffff
TextColor 000000 (black)
guard Show guard lines for EAN(UPC) bar codes.
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowGuard 1
text Show barcode human readable text.
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowText 1
tdown Place the text above or below.
Possible values: 0(above) or 1(below)
TextBottomTop 1
stst Show start/stop digits (if barcode have it).
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowStSt 0
schk Show check digit (if barcode have it).
Possible values: 0(hide) or 1(show)
ShowCheck 1
cchk calculate an optional check digit or not.
Possible values: 0(no) or 1(yes)
CalcCheck 1
ntxt Convert nonprinting chars to text.
Possible values: 0(no) or 1(yes)
NonPrintingToTxt 1
c128 Code-128 charset.
Possible values: 0...3
Code128CharSet 0
fh Font height. 14
bred Barcode width reduction.
Possible values: -99...99
BarWidthReduction 0
w2n Wide to narrow ratio.
Possible values: 2...4
Wide2NarrowRatio 2.5
help Displays information about our Barcode CGI generator. See below.
debug Displays information about the error. See below.

If you specify the following parameters:


"012345678912" will be encoded in the EAN-13 barcode, the image height is 80 pixels, the background color is yellow. See the picture below.

Using Barcode CGI barcode generator

To get information about the Barcode CGI application (and also the license information), just specify the parameter help:


If the web server returns an error for some reason (for example, a CGI Error for a Windows server or an Internal Server Error for Linux), you may have specified some parameters incorrectly. Try specifying the parameters as shown below and you will get such an error.


As you can see, the width of the bar code image is set to 10 pixels. Of course, a barcode image cannot have this size. To get debugging information, add the parameter debug and you will see an error message:


Using Barcode CGI generator with debug information.